Period Sex… Wonderful Bloody Mess

This was a topic of interest a few months back and I thought I would insert my thoughts on sex while surfing the red ride on the cotton mouse (tampon). So my personal opinion back in the day was “Oh My God! That is so gross.” Of course I was envisioning a bloody mess everywhere. One time this did happen, accidentally. My love interest, at the time, and I had rented a room for the night with a wonderful Jacuzzi tub. I mean if you are going to have a night of naughty frolicking you gotta have a Jacuzzi tub, right. Well after the fun part we went to sleep and just when I was about to go to sleep I placed my hand on his chest and it  was wet. We turned the light on to discovery a small puddle of blood on his chest. After deducing it was not his blood I realized Aunt Flo had made a surprise visit, wonderful. So we cleaned up in the shower and used the jacuz again. We turned a potentially awful and embarrassing situation into a very memorable evening.

Honestly having sex while on your cycle is not that bad. It can even lessen your cramps by having one or more orgasms. Why is this you ask, well according to medical daily, “Before an orgasm, a woman’s uterus is more relaxed, but at the moment of climax, the blood flow increases, helping to relieve the cramps. The uterine muscles contract during an orgasm while releasing chemicals in the brain that act as a natural pain reliever.” Now you know.

I think my above case was a special one because there is typically not as much blood as you think. The body on average releases 30-40 ml of blood during menstruation. You can put a towel down over the sheets and wash them afterwards. According to Gabrielle Moss, a blogger on Bustle,  the best method of getting period blood out of sheets is to “squeeze some hydrogen peroxide out on the sheets then wander away for 30 minutes.” Her disclaimer is to not try this with dark colored sheets as they will fade.  

Also it is just blood, a non toxic substance. It will not kill you if you come in contact with it. That being said make sure you and your partner(s) have discussed any blood borne pathogens or STIs such as HIV, Hep C, Chlamydia, etc. Adult conversations are a must even during that time of the month.

Another reason is it can shorten the menstrual cycle up to 2 days some cases. While having sex or masturbating you have orgasms which as established above makes the uterus spasm and contract. This action allows the uterus to expel blood faster.

This is also a time when women are super horny. When a woman is on her period, estrogen levels are at their lowest,but testosterone levels are on the rise. Testosterone is highly linked to a woman’s sex drive. We get an extra bump of the stuff during ovulation, mid-cycle. It’s nature’s way of getting us in the mood at the most optimal time for baby-making. Give it up for Mother Nature! As estrogen drops toward the very end of your cycle — at the beginning of your period — testosterone levels could have more of an impact, sending your libido up.

Finally, menstrual blood is a natural lubricant. Take the shame and guilt out of period sex and get your freak on. Again if you or partner are super worried about blood use a condom or female condom and put a towel down. You can also go for some sexy shower time after the dirty deed of round one. Safe consensual sex is great no matter what time of the month it is. Until next time stay sexy.

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