What is Gender Affirming Therapy

What is gender affirming therapy or what is therapy for a someone transitioning? Gender is a spectrum and gender affirming therapists support ALL individuals on the gender spectrum. Gender therapy sessions are a safe space to continue your personal journey to your authentic self. There are many challenges and joys that occur through the process of transitioning. Deciding when to talk to family, friends, and bosses are times that you will need someone who has the experience needed to help guide you through the emotions of the process. Navigating through the world of stigma and misgendering and oppression can cause anxiety and fear. Feelings of gender dysphoria can lead to depression, anxiety and feelings of harm. The transgender community also has concerns, like others, with depression, relationship stress, career stress and anxiety. Together, we can help you lead a more authentic life whether you are seeking gender therapy, or seeking a therapist versed with other emotional concerns that is affirming.

Whether you have transitioned, are transitioning or are affirmed as you are.  I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to process and overcome difficult emotions, offer resources and work with you to free your authentic self and live a life of authenticity and happiness.

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