Predator and Prey in the Sand tray

I am a sand tray play therapist and a little, so, miniatures are an important part of expression to me. I did not realize when I bought these two figures why I was drawn to them. Yes, they are cute and adorable figurines, but they are so much more. When you look closer at the bunny dressed as a fox, it is a prey animal dressed as a predator. The wolf is sheep’s clothing is a predator dressed as a prey animal. After working through some of my stuff with a narcissist mixed with my education, I have noticed narcissists tend to play the victim when really, they are the predator. They position their prey or victim as the predator because when a narcissist cannot control their victim anymore, they try to control how others see them. I just wanted to share how “cute” figures or miniatures can mean more to someone then just the surface level.

If you would like to know more about sand tray please message me.

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