As our first class is coming to a close, I wanted to take the time to feature each one of our Certified Kink Aware Therapy Therapists, Educators, and Coaches.  Our interns have the pledge to see kinky clients at sliding scale rates in order to serve and support the community. If you are in need of … Continue reading INTERN SPOTLIGHT


Talking to the Shadow Self

A topic was brought up briefly today and I want to explore it a little further in this blog post. Everyone has many facets to their personalities , different selves. One being the “dark side”, the dark passenger, or shadow self. In the Wiccan traditions I have worked with getting in touch with the shadow … Continue reading Talking to the Shadow Self

What can Vanilla Relationships Pull From BDSM and Poly?

To kick this off let me define what I mean by Vanilla , BDSM, and Polyamory. “Vanilla  Relationship” derives from the use of vanilla extract as the basic flavoring for ice cream, and by extension, meaning plain or conventional. This means  sexual behavior that is within the range of normality for a culture or subculture, … Continue reading What can Vanilla Relationships Pull From BDSM and Poly?