Relationship/Dating Coaching & Consulating

Relationship & Dating Coaching !

Relationship and Dating coaching can help to provide creative, problem-solving, and person-centered ways to support your relationship and dating process. The overall aim of Relationship and Dating Coaching is for clients to learn how to cultivate healthy connections within their lives. As your Dating Coach Nicki will help you discover what’s  most important to you in the relationship and dating context. Next, she will collaboratively design a plan to help you achieve your relationship and dating goals. 
Relationship & Dating Coaching helps develop the skills to:
  • Examine current dating patterns.
  •  Clarify what you want out of a significant other.
  •  Identify personal strengths and opportunities for growth.
  •  Cultivate the tools to attract like minded significant others.
  • Manage fears or anxieties around dating.
  • Positively communicate needs and desires.
  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries within relationships.
  • Create a healthy narrative of your best self.
Dating Coaching may be right for you if:   
  • You want to know if your expectations are realistic.
  • You doubt your own judgment about the potential partners you meet.
  • You’ve attracted the “wrong” type several times in the past.
  • You want to know if you’re doing something wrong.
  • Your dates don’t get beyond a few weeks.
  • You’re terrified you’ll be single forever.
  • You don’t have any good models of a healthy marriage/relationship