Sex, Love, and Relationship Positive

Sex-positive philosophy guides my work

The framework as a sex-positive provider means affirming sexuality, and taking a decidedly non-shaming approach to sexuality as long as it is safe, sane and consensual.  

As a therapist this means I talk about these three topics with all of my clients.

This means if my clients want to talk about their fetish or fantasy- that’s okay.

And if my clients want to talk about a kinky sexual behavior- that’s okay.

If my clients participate in sexual behavior that is not average or common- that is okay.

We can explore what those behaviors, feelings, and dreams are all about in a non-shaming way (as long as you and your partners are consenting and clear-headed).  If my clients mention behavior or terms that are new to me I can ask about them in a non-shaming, non-pathologizing way.

This kind of therapy isn’t for everyone.  And it’s not the same as sex therapy; however, I am a board certified sex therapist.  This is a critically important way to work with people about a vital part of their lives.